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If you are traveling by JR Shinkansen


*To the guests who use public transportation

  1. If you take a bus, get the Route Bus bound for ‘Kawazu’, ‘Yugashima’ or ‘Moshikoshi-Onsen’ from Bus Terminal 5 in front of Shuzenji Station.

  2. Get off the bus at the stop `Tsukigase Onsen’.

  3. Walk for 100m to where you came from (to Shuzenji). There you will find the sign of Ufufu Village. Turn right and follow the road. You will arrive at the destination in 2 mins.

If you have any question, feel free to call us.

If you are traveling by car


To the guests who who drive to the venue

  1. Get on the Izu-Jukan expressway from Numazu Interchange of Tomei Express Highway. And get off the expressway at Shuzenji Interchange.

  2. Take ‘(National Highway) Route 136’ and switch to ‘(National Highway) Route 414’ heading for Amagi-Yugashima. Around 10 mins, you will see the entrance sign of Tsukigase-Onsen Ufufu.

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